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Conflict Coaching

What is Conflict Coaching

To be coached in a conflict is to be supported, trained, advised and guided through the process of resolving conflict.  A coach provides skills and strategies to support a person in engaging, managing and productively resolving conflict.  A coach is a neutral third party who helps people consider options for managing conflict, design the right process for the situation and work on the skills needed to follow through successfully.  The emphasis is on the issues to be resolved and the focus is on the future.  A coach provides strategies in effective communication in both listening and speaking.  The goal in coached conflict resolution is beyond resolving the conflict because it looks at strengthening relationships and being able to manage conflict moving forward.

The Conflict Coaching Process

A coach brings a process to develop clarity around a situation for the purpose of making good decisions in managing conflict.  This process unlocks thinking and opens people to more effective strategies in the future.  It involves:

·         Defining the situation/issues/conflict

·         Clarifying and determining steps to achieve goals

·         Shifting unhelpful reactions to constructive responses

·         Improving communication skills to become more constructive and productive

·         Examining and changing habitual behaviours that get in the way of resolving conflict

The person, not the coach, is responsible for their own outcomes.  A conflict coach can help someone rehearse a conversation to increase their confidence. 

The Benefits of Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a small, highly effective investment that saves time, money and energy. It is effective, quick and efficient.  The results are long lasting in terms of increased clarity, strategies and options in the face of conflict.  The communication skills learned through conflict coaching improves a person’s interactions in all situations. 

Types of Situations for Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching can be useful in a variety of circumstances, including conflicts in the workplace, separation/divorce co-parenting, community disputes, family disagreements, or business conflicts.   Conflict coaching is undertaken to deal with situations that have not yet reached the boiling point but are bubbling under the surface and creating tension and distress.  It can also be used to support people moving into mediation. 

Monica the Mediator as a Conflict Coach

Conflict coaches are experienced, well-educated people, trained to observe, analyze, strategize and support new behaviors and thinking that will drive change in relationships, in business, in work and in life.

Monica holds the Chartered Mediator designation from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada.  She has earned Certificates in Interest Based Mediation and Conflict Management from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta.  She is on the Alberta Justice Civil Court and Family Mediation Rosters and the Federal Farm Debt Mediation Roster. She has completed hundreds of mediations.

Monica is skilled in asking powerful, future-focused questions that accelerate and expand your exploration, discovery and definition of challenges, options, and choices for action.

Monica has a master’s degree in education and a diploma in adult education.

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