With over twenty years of research experience, Monica knows how to seek out useful information and deliver it in ways that help decision-makers.  Monica’s role would be to help you clearly define your information need and then do the right kind of research to meet that need.  Sometimes it involves data-mining of existing information internal to an organization or external resources like Statistics Canada, literature reviews, internet searches or environmental scans.  Other times it includes generating new information through surveying, interviewing and focus groups.  She then delivers the research in ways that work for you:  a professional research report, a presentation and/or in plain language.

Specific Research Projects

  • Examined the economic impact of higher levels of education and the college as a whole on the northwestern portion of the province
  • Used demographic information such as David Foot’s work on Boom, Bust, Echo to predict the need for more educational spaces for Aboriginal students in rural areas
  • Assisted in the development of an innovation and applied research focus for the Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes.  This approach uses communities of practice in various research fields (i.e. health, biofuels, etc.) to generate research partnerships.
  • Researched mediation coordination for an agency involved in family law court support
  • Conducted an Aboriginal consultation on adult literacy benchmarks for the advisory committee (provincial government and many post-secondary educational institutions) implementing the “Living Literacy” provincial framework for action
  • Designed, analyzed and presented information on a community-based census survey on employability, education, training, and computer use for a Métis Settlement


Survey Research

  • Conceived, administered and analyzed student surveys at point of entry, exit and follow-up reporting on all programs and services at a post-secondary college
  • Coordinated the transition of evaluation surveys from paper to electronic formats


Decision Support

  • Prepared evaluative report cards that contained quantitative and qualitative information in numeric, graphic and narrative forms for post-secondary program and services
  • Mined and analyzed available data to assist in evidence-based decision-making

  • Conducted focus groups to address emerging issues

  • Designed unique research projects to answer questions in program development, change and termination at a post-secondary institution

  • Provided decision support to the Northern Lakes College Students’ Association as a staff advisor organizing meetings, retreats, and supporting membership services and political activities.  The Student’s Association is a leadership development opportunity for the predominately Aboriginal students at the college. 


Research Ethics

  • Chair of the research ethics committee at Northern Lakes College
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Research Ethics Boards (CAREB)


Partnership Building

  • Spearheaded the organization of a northern Alberta dialogue on Indigenous leadership and governance training needs between Indigenous communities and several post-secondary institutions that has resulted in the creation of the Indigenous Governance and Leadership Education Coalition.  Currently acting as project manager to this coalition managing logistics for the curriculum development and piloting phases.
  • Envisioned and established the Alberta Institutional Researchers group that negotiated joint information sharing agreements with Alberta Advanced Education around the release of Graduate Outcomes Survey data



  • Organized the first province-wide conference between post-secondary learning institutions and rural communities with the Alberta Rural Development Network
  • Managed the Institutional Research department at Northern Lakes College for 14 years.  This involved establishing outcomes to meet competing institutional needs, budgeting within an accountability environment, monitoring workloads and supervising staff to ensure deliverables, and working towards continual service enhancements.

  • Coordinated logistics for an Indigenous pre-conference gathering in rural Northern Alberta before an international environmental conference on the boreal forests with the Mother Earth Healing Society

Masters in Education, University of Alberta



International and Intercultural Education specializing in Native Education.



Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Ontario



In Administrative Studies. On Dean's Honours list.

Applied Social Research

What is applied social research


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